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What is possible?

What is possible?

What a loaded question!  Can you imagine if we let our imagination go and see the possibilities in any or all areas of our life?  Imagine one thing in your life you want to change.  Envision what your life would look like if this change had already happened?  How would you feel?  What language would you use with yourself?  How would you behave?

Let’s use alcohol as the habit you want to change.  Imagine you have removed it and see how life would be if you did not drink. 

  • No hangovers.  Wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

  • Lose excess weight or gain appetite (depending where you are at) 

  • The fogginess in your thinking would be miraculously gone

  • Experience much more energy

  • Depression and anxiety are not fed by a depressant 

  • Better relationships

  • You go to sleep easily and sleep better

  • Your complexion is better

  • No more puffy eyes

  • No regrets of “what did I say or do?”

  • Zero guilt or shame about “Oh no, I did it again!” 

  • Negative self talk diminishes

  • Save loads of $$$

  • No embarrassment with the recycling bin

  • Your pride and “sense of self” returns

  • the list goes on…..

Giving up alcohol is hard because it is an addictive substance.  The truth is it can happen to anyone.

I bet no one has ever said this to you:  It is not your fault.  

Alcohol doesn’t discriminate.  It can latch on to any gender, age, profession or socioeconomic status. Don’t be in denial.

Remember, it is not your fault and it is your responsibility to correct it.  

This is where coaching is one of the most effective ways to free yourself. 

Willpower alone runs out.  This is where changing the way you think and what you believe releases you from being fixated on alcohol.  

Imagine the freedom from even thinking about it!

I’m not saying that anyone who drinks is addicted.  

Many of my friends and family drink without addiction.  

Using alcohol can become addictive when it starts to interrupt your health, your mental well being, your relationships and your job.  

Do you find the need for more alcohol to do the job you originally enlisted it to do?

You may think you are using it for the right reasons and there are always costs to them

The Feeling The Cost

Relax                                             Zaps your energy

Soothe Medicating something that needs healthier attention

Comfort Sweeps the discomfort under the rug

Celebrate Dulls the senses

Numb the pain Ignoring issues that are screaming for help

To reiterate..…alcohol is addictive.  It is not your fault but it is your responsibility to change it.  It is hard AND it is so incredibly worth it. 


Living life alcohol free is one of the most freeing and liberating choices I’ve made.

My passion is to help others find the same joy and freedom.  Book a free 45 minute discovery call and let’s chat.  Complete confidentiality, zero shame or guilt.  

My coaching is compassion led and kindness driven.  Let me help you help yourself.

With much kindness,

Michelle Nesbitt

TNM Certified Coach   TIR Facilitator   Reiki Practitioner

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