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Tools to help stay the course....

Jan 14, 2024  We find ourselves smack in the middle of  “Dry January” with a bit of holiday let down, ....... and perhaps a little New Year’s resolution remorse.  

When we commit to changing a habit, getting clear on your “whys” is critical.  The reasons for wanting change are usually connected to how we feel.  We want to feel better, stronger, healthier, happier.  In addition to knowing why we want the change, finding something to replace the habit with can help. This is where creating a list of “tools” to choose from when temptation arises can help move you closer to your goal.

Healthy distractions can be more inviting when you create the list around your personal favourites.  Here are some healthy ideas to get you started. Feel free to use them all or simply a few.  Have fun with it and don’t hold back.  Remember you want to distract from the urge and FEEL GOOD!

Try using “H.A.L.T.”  Am I Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired? 

Hungry - eat something 

Angry - Exercise or Move!

Lonely - Talk to a friend or walk in a public place

Tired - take a nap, rest or go to bed early

Relaxing bath

Cup of favourite tea and a good book

Play with your pet!

Put on your favourite music and dance around the house

Whatever is therapeutic to you - work in your garden, garage, cook, bake,  etc.

Walk in nature or anywhere outside and breathe in the air

Think about how this too will pass.  Nothing stays forever.

Exercise in nature

Paint if you paint.

Play cards with someone


Make a fancy coffee or latte

Knit with friends - knitting can be a callaborative

Large glass of water


Voo Breathing


Use any healthy distraction that replaces or distracts from the urge.

If you fall off, start again.  Look at your percentage of success days.  Viewing a "slip" as a failure fosters negativity, so call it as a “data point” and learn from it.  Get curious around the feeling that was present and journal about it. What was the feeling you were trying to change?  Where did this feeling come from? What was I doing at the time?

Habit change is never a straight line and expecting perfection isn’t realistic. 

Give yourself some grace and compassion. 

Remember;  Read your whys.  Re-commit.  Use your  tools.  Repeat with Grace

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