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Questioning what doesn't serve us and how getting curious can start the process of change.

Our thoughts and beliefs produce emotions and emotion based behaviours. While some thoughts and beliefs produce positive emotions and behaviours, some do not. It may be tempting to distract and move away from emotions that are uncomfortable. As a result some people may choose unhealthy habits to distract them. 

Here are a few examples of unhealthy coping tools;

  • Regularly using alcohol to numb what is uncomfortable.

  • Eating to comfort and distract.

  • Continually avoiding feelings and being "busy" to distract.

  • Spending excessive time scrolling social media to distract.

Let's look at the flip side of the above;

  • Using alcohol to numb only works for 20 min after one drink. What you're numbing will still be there long after the hangover and foggy head is gone.

  • Eating may distract initially but the thought or belief around the discomfort is still there and may be compounded by the thoughts of the eating.

  • Avoiding and staying busy keeps you on the “treadmill” but what you're avoiding doesn't go away.

  • Media scrolling may "take you away" but what else is it taking you away from? Your kids, your relationship, earning a living, and yourself”

You can learn how to make changes with your thoughts and beliefs so they don’t keep you stuck.

I encourage you to get curious about your thoughts and beliefs and learn how they can work positively for you.

Are the thoughts/beliefs really yours or did you inherit or adopt them along the way?

Do they serve you well or is it time to change?

De-construct them to see the truths or non-truths in them. Just the facts.

If getting free from unhealthy thought loops or beliefs is what you want, book a free 45 minute discovery call. Learn how you can benefit from personal coaching.

With much kindness,  

Michelle Nesbitt

TNM Certified Personal Coach

TIR Facilitator

Level II Reiki Practitioner

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Another well thought out and informative post.

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