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Myth vs Reality

For those of us who have gone alcohol-free and for the people setting out on this path,

we are in the minority of people who have recognized the alcohol trap for what it is

and taken a less common route to freedom.

Western society as a whole still largely participates in the “us vs them” conversation

around alcohol, and many people may not readily see some of the pervasive myths

interwoven in that outdated dialogue.

Here are some alternate views written by Annie Grace that empowers the understanding

towards the truth

Myth: Heavy drinkers are on the bottom rung of society.

Reality: They tend to be the biggest earners in most parts of the world.

Myth: Heavy drinkers aren’t very bright.

Reality: High IQ, greatly creative, and quite clever.

Myth: Sober people are straight-edge cowards.

Reality: Being alcohol-free in today’s heavy drinking society goes against the grain and calls for immense courage.

Myth: Sober people judge people who still drink.

Reality: Anyone who’s gone alcohol-free understands the reality of alcohol and will, more often than not, exhibit an enormous amount of compassion for those who drink.

Myth: Sober people feel constantly deprived.

Reality: There’s true freedom available in being alcohol-free and the vast majority of people who are experiencing huge gratitude and relief; far from deprivation.

Myth: There are either normal drinkers or alcoholics.

Reality: It’s a spectrum.

Myth: When you decide not to drink, you don’t have a choice.

Reality: Everyone has a choice!

Myth: The person is to blame - they have an addictive personality.

Reality: Alcohol, a poisonous addictive drug, is the problem - not the person.

Michelle Nesbitt

TNM Certified Coach

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