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Curiosity around Beliefs and thoughts..

“Beattie understands being overboard, which helps her throw bestselling lifelines to those that are still adrift”     Time Magazine on author Melody Beattie.

I deeply resonate with this statement.  If anyone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be confident on my own and incredibly happy, hitting the books and changing careers, I probably wouldn’t  have believed it.  Life changes can be gradual or turn on a dime.  I believe happiness is possible for everyone.

I recently returned from South Africa and Zimbabwe.  This was a trip in celebration of many things in my life.  Celebrating a milestone birthday, reinventing myself, educational accomplishments and truly living my best life each day. 

In the last seven years I have learned more about myself, what works for me, what had to be unraveled, (always a work in progress) and changes I learned to make in my life that have been both liberating and invigorating.

Now I am committed to coaching others in the areas of their lives where they want change and help them to enjoy a fuller and happier life.  I want people to enjoy the freedom and peace that I experience each day.  

How to get started….

Take stock of the areas that you are happy about in your life.  Write a list of the areas where you have experienced great satisfaction, felt proud, including accomplishments and recognition.  Write down anything that brings you happiness or fulfillment.  

Next, write all the things you really like about yourself and why.  Don’t be modest, be honest.

Now, write a list of the things in your life that you want to change and why.  

Number them in order of what brings you most discomfort to the least discomfort.  (Most is #1 on your list).

Learn to begin with compassion and kindness to yourself as you make these changes.  Making mistakes is part of being human.  The more we understand this, the better we learn.  Humans may “do” under pressure but they do not “learn” under pressure.  Start with steps that are in alignment with your values to make changes.  Find out what works or what needs adjusting.  Remember to never give up on yourself!

Often some thoughts may be causing distress or cognitive dissonance. This is two contradictory beliefs held at the same time.

Often what we think can be the easy fix brings the greatest resistance as there are underlying beliefs that create cognitive dissonance.  This can provide a lot of stress and frustration when you know what to do about it AND aren’t able to carry through with it.  

This is where personal coaching can help you change the way you think about things that are not serving you well.  It can help you see the blind spots.  Sometimes it is difficult to identify the beliefs that are not serving us especially if they have been passed down without conscious knowledge through society, substances or even the family tree.  This is very common.  Deconstructing these beliefs means you get to choose whether you want to keep them, alter them or change them completely.

My mission is to help others break free of unhealthy thoughts/habits, navigate emotions, achieve more happiness and live their life fully alive!

With much respect and kindness, 

Michelle Nesbitt,  

TNM Certified Coach.     TIR Facilitator.     Reiki Practitioner.

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