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Checking your Environment.

I taught my kids to always be aware of their environment.  I tried to teach them about the friends they surrounded themselves with, the activities they take part in and a lifestyle that keeps them healthy.  

Being aware of the energy around you is easy for some people but is a bit of a learned art for others.  Either way it can be helpful to develop and hone this skill.  One of the easiest ways to become aware is to pay attention to how you feel.  Try paying attention to how you feel in different circles; friends, family, co-workers or new groups.  Are you surrounding yourself with people that share the same values, lifestyle, self respect and attitude as you?

When we are in alignment and honour our true self, life feels smooth even when a few bumps arise.  By not honoring our true self we can feel anxiety, stress, powerlessness and resentment.  

What does not honoring ourselves look like?  

We can over commit in all aspects of our lives, not establish personal boundaries and put self care at the bottom of the list.   Alternatively, we may have friends or family that cross established boundaries.  We do too much for them when they are able to do for themselves or take on more at work than others and do not honor ourselves and practice self care.

Every change begins with us. Start getting curious about the people in every area of your life.  Do they add to your bucket or do they just take from your bucket?  Are they enjoyable or draining?  Most importantly, how do you feel when you are with them?  How do you act around them?  Are you completely yourself?  Are you trying to fit in or be liked? Maybe you are trying not to rock the boat or feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them.  Getting curious about how you feel in your circles will help you to create a life with good vibes people and who you can be yourself with.

We can’t always choose who we work with or who our family is so identifying where the sticky areas are, creating clear boundaries and limiting exposure is critical to honoring yourself and feeling in balance. Determining what is in your control and what isn’t will also relieve a lot of unnecessary stress.  

There are many ways to make these distinctions and changes in order to feel consistently good.  If you would like help with designing any of these changes please book a free discovery call and see if coaching is right for you.  

Wishing you a week of feeling good!   

With much respect and kindness, 

Michelle Nesbitt,  

TNM Certified Coach.    TIR Facilitator.      Reiki Practitioner.

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