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Professional Coaching

with Michelle Nesbitt

Annie Grace Certified TNM Coach

As an entrepreneur of 30 years, I decided to build on my skillset and help others find more freedom and balance in their lives.

I'm certified as a TNMI Personal Coach and currently working on a certification in Affective Liminal Psychology. (ALP)

I work with people to help them identify what isn't working and create healthy lasting change. 

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Level Up Professional Coaching is Based in  Knowledge, Compassion, Support and Confidentiality

TNMI Certified Coach


In my late 50's I started to get curious about my own health, habits and beliefs.  I started a journey to enter the next chapter of life with excitement and a passion to help others.

Are you finding yourself feeling empty or perhaps a smaller version of who you used to be? 

Are you afraid to ask questions about your relationship with alcohol?

Are you getting stuck in unhealthy habits or thought loops and don't know how to change them?​

Do you feel like you are not in control of your own life?  Is it time to get curious about re-claiming your own power?

Many hide or feel ashamed of lack of control over unhealthy habits.

You are not alone AND there is hope.

I can help you find the answers to these and explore the possibilities for life's next chapter.

Book a free 45 minute discovery call to get to know each other and see what is possible.

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40 Minute FREE Discovery Call - Find out how we can achieve your goals together.


Confidential Coaching

Group Coaching Sessions 

Live Full Out

Life After Alcohol

(max. 10 ppl)

Habit Change Coaching

Freedom vs. Fixation

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Do you want Freedom from of Old Habits or
 Negative Thought Patterns?

BOOK now to learn how to regain

the feelings of joy and start living your life

fully ALIVE again!

Justine C., UK

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of being coached by Michelle and hand on heart can say that she is one of the most incredibly insightful and thoughtful coaches I have met. Michelle manages to shed new light on deep seated issues and is had helped me turnaround negative self talk and liberate me from old patterns. I would trust Michelle with any issue and feel completely safe in her hands. "

Choose a Healthy Happier You!

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