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About Michelle. 
As a successful restaurateur for 30 years, I decided to build on my skillset and help others find more peace and happiness in their life. 
I'm certified as a Personal Coach and adding a certification in Affect Liminal Psychology. 
I work with people to help them see the obstacles and create changes that bring more satisfaction into their life.   

Professional Coaching


Michelle Nesbitt

Certified TMNI Coach

Level Up Professional Coaching is Based in  Knowledge, Compassion, Support and Confidentiality

TNMI Certified Coach


In my late 50's I started to get curious about my own health, habits and beliefs.  I started a journey to enter the next chapter of life with excitement and a passion to help others.

Are you getting stuck in unhealthy thought loops or habits? ​

Has the "real you" been put on the back burner by over responsibility or feelings of helplessness?

Are you a professional finding yourself empty after work, parenting, relationship stress or perhaps questioning your relationship with alcohol?

I can help you find the answers to these and explore the possibilities for life's next chapter.

Book a free 20 minute discovery call to learn how to bring joy back into your life!


Break Free of Old Habits,
 Negative Thought
to Create Feelings of Joy

and Living Life Fully Alive!

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What Is Offered

Discovery Call







Michelle’s coaching style is warm and welcoming. An attentive and compassionate listener, she has the gift of helping clients see things through a different lens. Intuitive, insightful, and caring, Michelle has helped me change the narrative of my own stories that have kept me small. She has absolutely helped me to level up!   Stacey C.

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